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1. Blue Nile Projects: JASMAR/MAG Partnership

2. Nuba Mountains Projects: JASMAR-DCA-OSIL Partnership

3. Kassala Projects: JASMAR/MAG partnership

1. Blue Nile Projects: JASMAR-MAG Partnership:

JASMAR engaged in an Emergency Mine Action Response Project (Phase One) for Community Liaison, Technical Verification and Mine Risk Education in Blue Nile State in collaboration with Mines Advisory Group (MAG) from April to October, 2005. The project trained MRE and community liaison teams.

 An Integrated Mine Action Project for Community Liaison, Mine Risk Education and Clearance Support to the Return and Recovery Process has started from November 2005 up to October, 2006 (Phase Two). In this phase, the CL/MRE teams are deployed to the field and two Mine Action Teams trained and deployed.

MAG and JASMAR are partners with Islamic Relief and other organizations in the European Commission (EC) winning consortium in Blue Nile. The project (Sudan Post Conflict Community Based Recovery and Rehabilitation Programme) covers Gissan and Kurmuk localities, for three years duration, started from March 2006. The project will establish and develop a mobile mine action team to respond to the priority clearance needs identified by the community, local authority and consortium partners for safe return and implementation of planned development intervention by the consortium stakeholders.

In 2007, JASMAR and MAG engaged in more mine action projects. The two partners implemented Landmine Impact Survey in Blue Nile and Kassala and started received funds from UNMAS and EC to implement de-mining operations in Blue Nile.

2.  Nuba Mountains Projects: JASMAR-DCA-OSIL Partnership

DCA – following the Nuba Mountains Cease-fire Agreement - signed an agreement with the two Mine Action organizations, JASMAR and OSIL (OSIL is a Sudanese mine action organization based in the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement areas).  A six weeks joint training in de-mining and Mine Risk Education in the camp and ceremony of graduation took place in April 2003.

The signing of the Nuba Mountains Cease-fire Agreement (NMCA) on January 2002 has initiated spontaneous backward population movement to the area. That has driven JASMAR to embark on an extensive Mine Risk Reduction Programme which has been undertaken for the last three years. After signing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), population have already started to return to their origin. JASMAR has two de-mining teams undertaking diligent work on the ground in Nuba Mountains. The first one established in January 2003 under the fund and supervision of DCA in partnership with OSIL. The other one founded in January 2004, funded from UNMAS/UNOPS under DCA supervision with the above mentioned partner OSIL. JASMAR has MRE team consisting of four persons trained and working under DCA supervision. Another team for EOD (February 2005) also trained under DCA supervision. The organization with its partners in Nuba Mountains (OSIL and DCA) – at the outset - strategized mine action as a tool for peace and confidence building through cross-line activities.

JASMAR MRE team in collaboration with its partners in Nuba Mountains (DCA & OSIL) through a fund from the UNICEF implemented MRE project in IDPs camps in Khartoum for two months (July & August 2005) during the rainy season.


3. Kassala Projects :

JASMAR has moved to Kassala State on 2006 and has already undergone level one survey in the State. During the period March to May 2007 JASMAR and MAG in collaboration with Survey Action Center (SAC) implemented Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) in the three eastern Sudan States. In August 2007 JASMAR and MAG recruited 14 de-miners who will start operations in November 2007.

In September 2007 JASMAR started a Victim Assistance Project funded by the UNDP for six months.


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