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1. Landmines’ Survivors: Sudan questionnair

1. Advocacy for the rights of PWDs, Blue Nile State

2. Socio-economic Reintegration of Landmines Survivors and PWDs, Kassala

Landmines’ Survivors: Sudan questionnaire

Through fund from International Campaign to Ban Landmines JASMAR implemented Sudan country questionnaire on Mines’ Survivors situation  . The questionnaire aims to investigate about survivors’ lives during the past 5 years (2005 – 2009). It is also oriented to find out which improvements should take place regarding Victim Assistance within the coming up five years. The result would be presented in a conference in Cartagena (Colombia), November 2009. The results would be adopted by ICBL and nationals CBL to advocate for the countries’ future plans on Victim Assistance.

1. Advocacy for the rights of PWDs project (Blue Nile Sate):

JASMAR in cooperation with British Embassy carried-out the Advocacy for the Rights of PWDs Project during January – March 2007 in Damazin town. The project targeted (123) beneficiaries (59 of them were women) 76 PWDs (16 of them were women) 18 mine/ERW victims and 29 UN, NGOs & government officials (6 of them were women).

Project main activities:

The main activities were seminars, training workshops, conferences as follows:

  • The Bill of Rights as enshrined in the Interim Constitution.

  • Organization Management.

  • Leadership Training.

  • Gender sensitivity workshop.

  • The Awareness about the Convention of the Rights of PWDs workshop.

  • Celebrating the opening of the Convention about the Rights and Dignity of PWDs for Signature (in the same day when the world celebrated in New York (30 Mar. 2007) to escort the occasion.

The project local partners were Disabled People Organizations in Blue Nile, Paralegal Association and Ministry of Social Welfare.


2. Socio-economic Reintegration of Landmines Survivors and PWDs, Kassala state:

JASMAR is carrying-out a project on Socio-economic Reintegration of Landmines Survivors in Kassala State during the period September 2007 – March 2008. The project funded by UNDP with partnership of Disabled People Organizations (DPOs), UNMAO Kassala & Practical Action.

The project targeted (144) Landmine Survivors and PWDs (11 of them from other relevant agencies), (50% of them are females).

Project main activities:

  • Seminar on the Rights and Legislations of PWDs.

  • Workshop on Small Scale Enterprise Management and Fund Raising.

  • Vocational Training.

  • Distribution of Vocational Training Kits.

  • School Children Support.

  • Production Unit.


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