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Follow up visit to the Socio-economic Reintegration of Landmines Survivors and PWDs Project -Kassala

During the period 15th – 19th Mar. 2008 a follow up mission was carried-out by the Project Coordinator Ms. Sulafa Abdel Razik to Kassala. The mission also included a monitoring visit to the vocational training, production units & distribution of vocational training kits. 

Visit major outcomes:

  • Project Coordinator and Project Field Officer paid a visit to UNMAO - Kassal where they met with Mr. Mark Planks - QA officer “Acting Manager” and NMAC Officer. The meeting discussed some issues of the on-going project.

  • The Project Coordinator also paid a visit to the training venue for the twenty females with disabilities which was conducted in Kassala Women Development Associations Network (KWDAsN) premises for ten days. The training courses were food processing & “Tie & Die”, ten trainees for each. The Coordinator addressed the trainees group.

  • The Project Coordinator held a meeting with the Practical Action Manager to push the partnership forward.

  • A visit to ERW/Mine Survivor Association premises was paid for future cooperation to achieve the common goals.



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