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Workshop on international convention for the rights of people with disabilities and Sudanese legislations

On 8th November 2007 JASMAR in collaboration with Landmine Survivors network (LSN) organized a workshop entitled the International Convention for the rights of people with disability and Sudanese legislations which took place in Islamic Relief Agency.
The participants included relevant organizations and government bodies working on disability. The workshop has begun with welcoming speeches by Mr. Abdulatie Abdulkheir and  Dr. Hussein Elobeid. Mr. Abdul Latif Abdallah delivered a presentation reviewing the merits of the convention of  people with disabilities'  rights.  The workshop also included a discussion about the Convention and legislations in the Sudan and how to apply the legislation.

The important workshop's recommendations were:
To speed up ratification of the convention, create a national campaign to support the convention by government institutions and consortia with disabilities and civil society organizations at the capital and the states.




Full treaties/conventions' texts

Mine Ban Treaty

Cluster Munitions Convention

Rights of PWDs

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Dr. Hussein Obeid,

JASMAR General Manager


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