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Workshop on the Rights of PWDs in the Public Education with the Conformity International Convention of the Rights of PWDs

This workshop held in 20th Nov. 2008. The workshop organized in-cooperation between SCBL and JASMAR and funded by EU. The workshop took place at the Ministry of Public Education and under the auspices of its undersecretary H.E. Dr. Mutasim Abdulraheem within participation of (45) participants.

Workshop outcomes:

  • The opening session chaired by Dr. Hussien Elobeid JASMAR GM and addressed by Abudlrahman Khalifa – Secretary General of the National Union of Deaf and Abulaati Abdulkhair – SCBL Coordinator.

  • Abu Osama Abdullah – JASMAR ED- presented the International Convention of the Rights of PWDs with focusing on education.

  • Dr. Hussein Elobeid delivered a presentation on the Bill of Rights in the interim Constitution.

  • Alsamawal Atmori-lawyer presented a paper about the National Covenant for Disability, he explainedthe main problems in the field of Special Education. 

  • A paper on Sudan Experience in Disabled Education has been introduced by Abdulkhalig Majzoob - Department of the Special Education in the Ministry of Public Education, he declared the coming-up survey, December 2008.

  • Mrs. Afaf Merghani presented a paper on Surveillance and Mentoring, she talked about the suffering from school fees for PWDs and the curriculum upgrading. 

  • The workshop concluded with the following major recommendations:

-      To carry out monitoring process to special schools.

-      To train the cadres working in the field of special education.

-      To discuss of the workshop outcomes with the Ministry undersecretary.



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Rights of PWDs

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