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The third General Assembly for the Arab Disability Organization

This conference held in Arab League, Cairo - Egypt during the period 7th – 9th, October 2008. The conference attended by (100) participants from various Arab countries.

Conference briefing:

  1. The conference opened by H.E. Amro Musa the General Secretary of the Arab league.

  2. The conference discussed the following issues:

  • International cooperation and the Monitoring Unit in the convention for the rights of persons with disabilities PWDs.

  • The actions taken by the Arab government to implement the Disability International Rules and Standards about equal opportunities for the PWDs.

  • Arab Decade for the PWDs.

  1. Ms. Raga Yahia from Sudan delivered a presentation on the woman with disability.

  2. The discussion evaluated the current status of the persons with disabilities in the Arab states; the situation is still unsatisfied in the whole Arab cooperation. A separate workshop will be organized to explore and finalize the monitoring mechanism.  

  3. A new leadership elected as follows:

  • Emadeldeen Shakir - President (Tunisia), Elkhawad Ibrahim - General Secretary (Sudan) and Raja Yahia Elsayied - woman with disability representative (Sudan).

 JASMAR has been represented by Mr. Abu Osama Abdalla, Ms. Sulafa Abdelrazik and Ms. Iram Hashim.



Full treaties/conventions' texts

Mine Ban Treaty

Cluster Munitions Convention

Rights of PWDs

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