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Socio-economic Reintegration Project for Mines survivors and PWDs in Kassala State, Graduation Ceremony of Vocational Training Trainees

The ceremony took place in NAPO garden in the same premises of disable people societies in Kassala, 28th May, 2008, under the supervision of Ms. Sulafa Abdelrazik the project coordinator, Mr. Hatim Khamis and Mr. Luai Mohamed from Kassala office. Participants were PWDs and their families, State Police, State Ministry of Welfare Affairs, UNMAO, SRC, FPDO, ISRA, UNICF, State TV & Radio and Vocational Training Centre.

Festival day outcomes:

  • Dr. Hussein Elobeid – JASMAR General Manager delivered a speech on the event.

  • Welcoming poems delivered by a female trainer. A words of thanks to JASMAR, UNDP and the vocational training centre trainers delivered by the representatives of PWDs coordination committee and graduates.

  • Lateef Mateen – UNMAO Kassala Office - acknowledged JASMAR’s interventions through victim assistance while he presented the other mine action activities implementing by JASMAR.

  • Mohamed Elhafiz - the commissioner at State HQ has attended the event and promised to pay a future follow-up from the government side.

  • By the end of the ceremony the graduates received their graduation certificates and vocational training kits.

  • Participants visited the exhibition which reflected the training activities and models of productions. They also visited the production units in deaf home.



Full treaties/conventions' texts

Mine Ban Treaty

Cluster Munitions Convention

Rights of PWDs

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Dr. Hussein Obeid,

JASMAR General Manager


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