Implementation of community project to provide social, psychological and nursing support, Khartoum IDPs camps, April 2003 - March 2004

While UNICEF is supporting the ERWs risk awareness, JASMAR extends the activities - at its own cost - to include public health, first aid and HIV/AIDS. The institutional memory of the organization of risk education (staff, targets and areas) remains to be an important asset for HIV/AIDS control measures.

During the period April 2003 - March 2004 through JASMAR implemented this project through support from the Netherlands Embassy in Khartoum, JASMAR implemented this community project to provide social, psychological and nursing support to PLWHA in Wad Elbashir, Mayo, Jabal Awlia, Haj Yousif and Alizba camps. The project specific components were:

  • HIV/AIDS training and awareness:


This component included home nursing for 100 participants, drug administration as training has been carried out for (50) Community Health Workers CHW. Furthermore counseling training for (100) volunteers and CHW were part of the project. Apart from that spiritual support conducted for (45) beneficiaries from the main faith groups (Muslims, Christians and Kujour).


The local communities’ groups performed traditional dances and played local music at the targeted camps where the messages managed to distribute through it. Also the volunteers and PLWHA delivered HIV/AIDS awareness messages. A total of 17 community drama shows were performed. Regarding group discussion, targets of multi-disciplinary formation of groups were selected (each group is comprised of volunteers, CHW, community leaders, PLWHA and family members). 20 groups were formed, each of 20 individuals. For ICE materials 10 billboards were fixed at prominent positions in the target locations. Also 500 T-shirts were distributed to the youth and school children. 8000 posters wee pasted in the class rooms, public transport, poster boards, shops and public places.

Universalization of testing of pregnant ladies: Volunteers and CHW registered the pregnant ladies. The community informants and peripheral clinics’ records helped them. They contacted almost pregnant and suspected pregnant ladies. They explained to the targets the importance and implications of the HIV/AIDS testing during pregnancy.

  • Empowering PLWHA:

About 200 individuals who were infected or affected by the HIV/AIDS were registered. An NGO whose members were PLWHA was registered in the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC). Meetings and discussions took place with the executive organ of the NGO to explore the best way of empowering the PLWHA NGO. Training sessions were conducted on networking and organizational management. Video films, lectures and leaflets distribution were some of the empowerment means used. PLWHA have come in the open and participated in the open events for the first time.



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