JASMAR/UNFPA project on HIV/AIDS, Kassala

The project is continuing where JASMAR managed to sensitize 90 decision makers and community leaders ... <details>

Two workshops for Lay Counselors and Community Health Providers on HIV/AIDS, 8 – 12 and 15 – 19 Nov. 2009

These 2 workshops have been conducted as part of JASMAR/UNFPA project on HIV/AIDS awareness raising/prevention project in Kassala ... <details>  

 JASMAR and UNICEF HIV/AIDS project, Kassala: IPC training:

As part of the HIV/AIDS awareness raising/prevention project, five days training ...<details>

Launch of JASMAR/UNFPA project on HIV/AIDS, 1st Nov. 2009, Kassala

JASMAR/UNFPA have signed an agreement to increase the awareness & knowledge of Reproductive Health & HIV prevention in Kassala for 25,000 local population ... <details>  

HIV/AIDS training workshop on using IPC approach, 20th – 26th April, 2009, Kadugli

This workshop has been conducted as a forward step for the initiative of integration the HIV/AIDS messages into MRE... <details>

Consultation gathering to integrate HIV/AIDS into MRE activities, 5th April 2009, Kadugli

This consultation gathering held as a respond to the JASMAR/DCA initiative to integrate HIV/AIDS into MRE activities .... <details>

Workshop on project planning, management & M & E, UNESCO

This workshop organized in cooperation between UNESCO and SAN during the period 18th – 19th Feb. 2009 ....<details>

Implementation of community project to provide social, psychological and nursing support, Khartoum IDPs camps, April 2003 - March 2004

During the period April 2003 - March 2004 through JASMAR implemented this project through support from the Netherlands Embassy in Khartoum .... <details>






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