Integration of HIV/AIDS messages into MRE activities


Consultation gathering to integrate HIV/AIDS into MRE activities, 5th April 2009, Kadugli

This consultation gathering held as a respond to the JASMAR/DCA initiative to integrate HIV/AIDS into MRE activities. The purpose of this gathering is to announce the integration of HIV/AIDS into MRE and to hear from the different stakeholders on the integration issues to make headway for the project.

31 participants have participated representing Gov, UNDP, NNGOs, INGOs and media.

The gathering outcomes:

1.   JASMAR/DCA/OSIL managed to announce the integration issue to the similar HIV/AIDS

stakeholders as well as the public through the accompanied media coverage.

2.   The engagement of South Kordofan MOH contributed positively in term of the arrangement, discussion and the expected future cooperation.

3.   SNAP Coordinator delivered a presentation on HIV/AIDS situation.

4.   DCA PM enlightened the participants on the nature of MRE activities. He mentioned to the community trust on the JASMAR/OSIL/DCA MRE teams as an added value to use it to deliver the HIV/AIDS messages.

6.   Some points raised by the participants as:

  • Common coordinating strategies were highlighted between HIV/AIDS and MRE as: Community Liaison, data gathering and trust and confidence building.

  • The necessity to take the local context into consideration particularly the local dialects.

  • The participants acknowledged the idea and mentioned to the community trust on MRE teams as a gate to deliver HIV/AIDS messages.

 7.  Training workshop on HIV/AIDS for MRE teams and the new recruited staff is going to be organized in May, 2009.

 8.   South Kordofan TV hosted JASMAR GM and raised the issue publicly.



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