Two workshops for Lay Counselors and Community Health Providers on HIV/AIDS, 8 – 12 and 15 – 19 Nov. 2009

These 2 workshops have been conducted as part of JASMAR/UNFPA project on HIV/AIDS awareness raising/prevention project in Kassala. Each workshop organized for five days and targeted (20) trainees. The workshop provided the trainees with the necessary skills and tools on HIV/AIDS combating. Many awareness/prevention issues have been addressed such as VCT, STI,  Prevention Mother To Child Transmission, Antiretroviral using, stigma reduction as well as community communication skills.

Bye the end of the training certificates have been awarded to the volunteers.

The two groups (Lay Counselors and Community Health Promoters) divided geographically into four teams for each group and formulated - through facilitators assistance - their work plans and weekly report forms.



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