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Celebration of the Convention on Cluster Munitions 1st anniversary of entry into force

As the part of the celebration of CCM 1st anniversary entry into force, JASMAR on 22nd July 2011 has organized the first part of the celebration .... <details>


JASMAR strategic planning workshop, 26th - 27th February 2011, Grand Holiday Villa

This workshop has been held Under the auspices of H.E. the state Minister of Humanitarian Affairs  .... <details>


JASMAR Social Day, 25th May, 2009:

JASMAR used to organize a regular social gathering for its staff members in HQ and the rest branches ... <details>


Celebration of the Mine Action international day, 4th Apr. 2009

This day celebrated in Friendship hall (Khartoum) where many related government authorities participated  ... <details>


Mine Ban Treaty 10th anniversary Commemoration 27th February - 1st March, 2009

JASMAR and Sudan Campaign to Ban Landmines celebrated the event during 27th Feb. – 1st Mar. 2009. ...<details>

General Assembly meeting, 4th August 2008

The meeting took place in JASMAR premises after the legal helve completed with attendance of HAC ... <details>


Information Day on Mine Action ceremony, Kadugli

The day was celebrated in Kadugli Stadium on 21st May, 2008 under the supervision of UNMAO, UNICEF and with JASMAR coordination and participation ... <details>

Socio-economic Reintegration Project for Mines survivors and PWDs, Kassala , Graduation Ceremony of Vocational Training Trainees

The ceremony took place in NAPO garden in the same premises of disable people societies, Kassala, 28th May, 2008 <details>

International Mine Action Day Celebration, 4th April 2008

The day celebrated in Friendship Hall, Khartoum within a wide participation of the Government bodies, UN, NNGOs and INGOs .... <details>

Stockpile destruction, 31st Mar. 2008, Juba

Within wide attendance for government Officials, NMAC, UN, NNGOs and INGOs, Loray area (Juba) witnessed destruction of (6186) landmines ... <details>

SCBL General Assembly Meeting

The SBCL held a meeting in 21st January 2008 in Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) to elect the new office ... <details>





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