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Celebration of CCM entry into force, 1st August 2010

JASMAR, ABRAR and Sudan CBL in collaboration with National Mine Action Centre organized the Sudan celebration of CCM entry into force ..... <details>

MBT Standing Committees Meetings, 21st – 25th Jun. 2010, Geneva:

These meetings have been held within participation of state parities, ICBL, UN, GICHD (organizers), ICRC and other interested foundations ..... <details>

Santiago international conference to ban Cluster Munitions, 7th – 9th June 2010:

This conference has been held in Santiago (Chile). The opening session addressed by the representatives of UN, CM survivors, IRC, CMC and some Chilean’s ministers.


Ratification of the cluster munitions convention
An international treaty banning cluster bombs will enter into force in August after it was ratified by a 30th country .... <details>


Mine Ban Treaty 10th anniversary Commemoration 27th February - 1st March, 2009

JASMAR and Sudan Campaign to Ban Landmines celebrated the event during 27th Feb. – 1st Mar. 2009 .... <details>


Oslo conference on signing cluster munitions banning convection:

The conference held between 2nd and 4th December 2008 in Oslo, Norway .... <details>


Workshop on the Rights of PWDs in the Public Education with the Conformity International Convention of the Rights of PWDs:

This workshop held in 20th Nov. 2008. The workshop organized in-cooperation between SCBL and JASMAR and funded by EU .....<details>

The workshop on Cluster Munitions banning convention, 29th October 2008

This workshop held within the advocacy for the convention signing and ratification. JASMAR and SCBL were jointly organized the workshop .....<details>


Workshop on international convention for the rights of people with disabilities and Sudanese legislations

On 8th November 2007 JASMAR in collaboration with Landmine  Survivors network (LSN) organized a workshop entitled the International Convention for the rights of people with disability and Sudanese legislations .... <details>


Workshop on children and armed conflicts between international and national legislations, 9th May 2007

This workshop held in the National Council for Children Care under the title “Children and Armed Conflicts between International and National legislations .... <details>





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