JASMAR branches

The organization has offices in Khartoum (HQ), Damazin (Blue Nile state), Kosti (White Nile state), Kassala, Kadugli (South Kordofan state "Nuba Mountains", Aldeain (South Darfur) and Alginiena (West Darfur).

White Nile (Kosti):

JASMAR Kosti branch working in partnership with UNICEF on Mine Risk Education for returnees in transmission stations. The MRE Team targets the communities and individuals who are returning to conflicts affected areas.

The team could accomplish its mission successfully so the team directed to new needed areas in Sudan. The team firstly directed to Abyei area to raise the community awareness on the landmines and UXOs, then it was shifted to West Darfur where it is working now on UXOs Risk Education.


Where we work

Khartoum Office (HQ)

Kassala Office

South Kordofan Office

Blue Nile Office

South Darfur

White Nile

West Darfur


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