JASMAR branches

The organization has offices in Khartoum (HQ), Damazin (Blue Nile state), Kassala, Kadugli (South Kordofan state "Nuba Mountains"), Aldeain (South Darfur), and Alginiena (West Darfur) and Abyei area.

Kassala Office:

JASMAR has started its mission in Kassala State in 2006 and has already undergone level one survey in the State. During the period March to May 2007 JASMAR and its partner MAG in collaboration with Survey Action Center (SAC) implemented Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) in the three eastern Sudan States. In August 2007 JASMAR and MAG recruited 14 de-miners who started operations in November 2007.

In September 2007 JASMAR started a Victim Assistance Project funded by the UNDP for six months.

The office now implementing many projects on de-mining (with MAG partner), MRE (funded by UNICEF) and HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness raising projects (funded by UNICEF and UNDP).

Kassala branch projects:

  1. Landmines Clearance (in a partnership with Mine Advisory Group)

  2. Mine Risk Education MRE (in a partnership with UNICEF).

  3. Socio-economic reintegration for people with disabilities funded by UNDP, September 2007 - March 2008.

  4. HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness  in Wad Alhelieo, Hamdaiet and Maghareef areas, funded by UNICEF.

  5. HIV/AIDS awareness raising and VCT campaign in Allafa and Algira areas, funded by UNDP.

  6. Increasing awareness & knowledge of Reproductive Health & HIV prevention, Oct. 2009 - Apr. 2010 (through partnership with UNFAP).


Contact person:

Mr. Luai Mohamed Osman

Office Coordinator

e-mail: luai999@yahoo.com


Mr. Abdelazim Altahir

MRE Team Leaders and HIV/AIDS Focal Point

e-mail: abdelazimjasmar@yahoo.com



JASMAR branches

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