JASMAR branches

The organization has offices in Khartoum (HQ), Damazin (Blue Nile state), Kosti (White Nile state), Kassala, Kadugli (South Kordofan state "Nuba Mountains", Aldeain (South Darfur) and Alginiena (West Darfur).

Khartoum Office (HQ):

JASMAR administratively managed from its HQ office, where the General Assembly and Board of Trustees based. The HQ Executive Office is responsible for the technical assistance and consultations, monitoring as well as advocacy for the all sub offices.

HQ projects:

The HQ implemented many projects on the human security fields such as:

  1. Mine Risk Education in IDPs camps.

  2. HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness.

  3. DDR for ex-combatants with disabilities in Omdurman Localities.

  4. Disasters Management as (River Nile Flood in Khartoum).

HQ address:

Next to Alghali Petrol Station. (Sharia Algasr Janoub).

Building (127); Block (101). Khartoum South Khartoum.

Tel: 83 48 75 23 Fax: 83 49 17 01   P.O. Box: 1644   

Contact persons:

Dr. Hussien Elobied

JASMAR General Manager

e-mail: hussein.elobeid@jasmar.net  or  jasmar1@hotmaill.com


Mr. Abu Osama Abdallah

JASMAR Executive Director

e-mail: abuosama@jasmar.net         or   aboosamaa@yahoo.com



JASMAR branches

Khartoum Office (HQ)

Kassala Office

South Kordofan Office

Blue Nile Office

South Darfur

White Nile

West Darfur


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