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The organization has offices in Khartoum (HQ), Damazin (Blue Nile state), Kosti (White Nile state), Kassala, Kadugli (South Kordofan state "Nuba Mountains", Aldeain (South Darfur) and Alginiena (West Darfur).

Blue Nile Projects:

1. JASMAR-MAG Partnership (Blue Nile):

JASMAR engaged in an Emergency Mine Action Response Project (Phase One) for Community Liaison, Technical Verification and Mine Risk Education in Blue Nile State in collaboration with Mines Advisory Group (MAG) from April to October, 2005. The project trained MRE and community liaison teams.

 An Integrated Mine Action Project for Community Liaison, Mine Risk Education and Clearance Support to the Return and Recovery Process has started from November 2005 up to October, 2006 (Phase Two). In this phase, the CL/MRE teams are deployed to the field and two Mine Action Teams trained and deployed.

MAG and JASMAR are partners with Islamic Relief and other organizations in the European Commission (EC) winning consortium in Blue Nile. The project (Sudan Post Conflict Community Based Recovery and Rehabilitation Programme) covers Gissan and Kurmuk localities, for three years duration, started from March 2006. The project will establish and develop a mobile mine action team to respond to the priority clearance needs identified by the community, local authority and consortium partners for safe return and implementation of planned development intervention by the consortium stakeholders.

In 2007, JASMAR and MAG engaged in more mine action projects. The two partners implemented Landmine Impact Survey in Blue Nile and Kassala and started received funds from UNMAS and EC to implement de-mining operations in Blue Nile.

2. Advocacy for the rights of PWDs project (Blue Nile Sate):

JASMAR in cooperation with British Embassy carried-out the Advocacy for the Rights of PWDs Project during January – March 2007 in Damazin town. The project targeted (123) beneficiaries (59 of them were women) 76 PWDs (16 of them were women) 18 mine/ERW victims and 29 UN, NGOs GO officials (6 of them were women).

Project main activities:

  • The main activities were seminars, training workshops, conferences as follows:

  • The Bill of Rights as enshrined in the Interim Constitution.

  • Organization Management.

  • Leadership Training.

  • Gender sensitivity workshop.

  • The Awareness about the Convention of the Rights of PWDs workshop.

  • Celebrating the opening of the Convention about the Rights and Dignity of PWDs for Signature (in the same day when the world celebrated in New York (30 Mar. 2007) to escort the occasion.

The project local partners were Disabled People Organizations in Blue Nile, Paralegal Association and Ministry of Social Welfare.

3. JASMAR/UNDP socio-economic reintegration project (DDR) in Blue Nile state:

JASMAR is implementing this project through fund by UNDP. The project targets 190 ex-combatants in Blue Nile state. JASMAR will train the ex-combatants on how to manage a small business then every beneficiary will be provided with an income generation project (a capital of SDG 2500). The beneficiaries would be followed tightly throughout the project duration (six months) that is to realize the project expected impact. It is worth mentioning that, this is the 2nd project of its kind carried out by JASMR after the 1st one in Khartoum state for 213 ex-combatants.

Contact person:

Mr. Babikir Mohamed Mohamed

e-mail: babikir@jasmar.net


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