JASMAR branches

The organization has offices in Khartoum (HQ), Damazin (Blue Nile state), Kosti (White Nile state), Kassala, Kadugli (South Kordofan state "Nuba Mountains", Aldeain (South Darfur) and Alginiena (West Darfur).

Abyei Mine Risk Education team:

Abyei is on of the Sudanese regions affected by the civil war (1983 - 2005). After the Comprehensive Peace Agreement CPA signing in January 2005 Abyei has just counted as a post conflict area. Accordingly the Mine Risk Education MRE program oriented to Abyie through a partnership between JASMAR/ UNICEF. The team has mainly targeted the school pupils as one of the most at risk populations category as the well as the community at large.



Where we work

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Damazine Office

White Nile (Kosti)

South Darfur

West Darfur


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