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JASMAR has rendered itself to address untapped issues before like human security (which used to be a primarily State business) and the rights of people with disability. Also open discussions of sexuality, when addressing HIV/AIDS control, among the conservative Sudanese communities are new frontiers. This what makes JASMAR innovative and non-conventional. While these challenges are in need for fundamental changes in policy and mindsets, concrete advocacy campaigning is crucial to achieve meaningful results. JASMAR believes that operational research and field surveys are key to effective advocacy campaigning.  Hence it is intuitive to incorporate advocacy as an integral component of almost all JASMAR submitted proposals. Meetings, consultations, workshops, publications, media campaigning, community mobilization are but some of the advocacy tools JASMAR is adopting.


JASMAR advocates for the followings treaties:

1. Mine Ban Treaty MBT

2. Rights of People With Disabilities

3. Cluster Munitions Convention


Chronology of cross line events

February 2000

Sudan CBL organized a strategic planning workshop to develop a three-year plan 2000-2002 .Sudan CBL members decided in the strategy document that they have to seek engagement with NGO partners in SPLAM area  and thy mention the name of OSIL as possible partner . The aim was to seek working together in advocacy issues and action pertaining the ban of the APL.

April 2001

LMA visited Sudan and met with Sudan CBL members. the idea of a cross line meeting has been suggested by Sudan CBL and accepted by land mine action UK (LMA) .LMA got funding later from the Diana memorial fund for the initiative support.

August 2001

Landmine action UK hosted in London a joint meeting between Sudan CBL, OSIL and SIMAS .the groups agreed in working together in principle in mine action and signed a MoU.

February 2002

LMA developed a joint project for information gathering on both sides of the conflict in Sudan . The EC funded the project , Oxfam agreed to be the partner with EC and Sudan CBL and OSIL as the local NGO partners. the project called SLIRI (Sudan landmine information and response initiative).

March 2002

UNMAS established presence in Khartoum for the first time

march 2002 a joint assessment in the nuba mountains took place in on both sides of the nuba mountains .LAM SCBL and OSIL were involved.

April-November 2002

SLIRI initiative faced so many difficulties and disagreement between the partners on management issues, ownership and indigenous empowerment and cross line confidence building. Sudan CBL and OSIL pulled out. LMA registered in Sudan as as NGO and now struggling to gear the project back to its cross-line nature addressing the very basic issued of Sudanese ownership, capacity building and mine action as peace tool between the partners.

September 2002 and February 2003

the national mine action office NMAO was established in Khartoum and Rumbek in September 2002 and February 2 respectively2003

September 2002

Sudan CBL ,OSIL and DCA signed a MoU in Geneva for joint cooperation in mine action. the government of Sudan SPLM/A and the UNMAS signed an other MoU for the same purpose.

February 2003

mine action coordination meeting took place in um sirddiba of the nuba mountain representative from the GOS .SPLA/M ,UNMAS ,Sudan CBL and OSIL to discuss coordination issues and future plans .then every three months a cross line management meeting takes place at a neutral zone ,ether inside Sudan or abroad.

 April 2003

Graduation of trainee de miners took place after a joint training conducted by UNMAS and DCA trainees came from OSIL from the SPLA/M and JASMAR from the GOS areas.     


Full treaties/conventions' texts

Mine Ban Treaty

Cluster Munitions Convention

Rights of PWDs

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JASMAR General Manager


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