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Dr. Hussein Obeid,

JASMAR General Manager






JASMAR on focus:

JASMAR is a human security NGO that was born on November, 2001 and is registered with the Humanitarian Aid Commission. JASMAR establishment was a response to the ERW threats on one hand and encouraged by the global campaign against landmines on the other hand. While JASMAR is currently engaged in humanitarian mine action, its domain of activities goes beyond to include combating ERW, controlling HIV/AIDS and advocating for people with disabilities as well as addressing sustainable livelihoods.


JASMAR is governed by a thirty member General Assembly and supervised by a ten member Board of Trustees. JASMAR headquarter is based in Khartoum and has regional branches in Kadugli (South Kordofan), Damazine (Blue Nile) and Kassala (Kassala) States. JASMAR is run by a twenty four full time administrative staff. JASMAR is guided by an article of association and regulated by its own rules and regulations.


JASMAR initiated an operational partnership with a  Southern Sudan based NGO at the time of conflict and is currently engaged with International NGOs, UN agencies and other national entities.


JASMAR is member of national, regional and international like-minded networks such as, UN ECOSOC, UN CONGO, African Union ECOSOCC, Arab NGOs Network, International Rehabilitation, Sudan Campaign to Ban Landmines and Sudanese Aids Network.


JASMAR main source of funding is through projects’ implementation partnerships and funding from Dfid, Danida, US State Department, the EU and the UN constitute about 90%. Western embassies grants cover the rest.


JASMAR Vision:

All people of Sudan enjoy peace, safety, security and sustainable livelihood.


JASMAR Mission:

  1. Implementation of the community, personal and other relevant Human Security components like Food Security, health and economic rights.
  2. Advocacy for inclusion of all vulnerable groups as well as ensuring political and Human Rights of all Sudanese.
  3. Response to emergency humanitarian needs whenever feasible while linking it to rehabilitation development.


Next to Alghali Petrol Station - Shari’a Algasr Janoub (Building (127); Block (101). Khartoum South – Khartoum.

Tel: 00249 - 183 - 48 75 23 Fax: 00249 - 183 - 49 17 01   P.O. Box: 1644   

e-mail: info@jasmar.net     or    jasmar1@hotmail.com


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