Sudan Campaign to Ban Landmine (Sudan CBL)

SCBL is a civil society network which emerged in July 1997.

The network composed of non-governmental organization, up to October 2006 it has 56 members.

SCBL work in conformity with the values of ICBL “for Sudan free from the scourge of Anti-personal landmines” the mission of this network is to establish mine action in Sudan through the following:

  • Advocacy for Sudan free from the scourge of landmines.

  • Victims Assistance.

  • Demining Activities.

  • Support to peace building initiatives.

  • Research and date base.

There is an excellent cooperation between SCBL, related government department, UN Agencies and the International communities.

SCBL activities can be summarized as followed:

  • March 1998 the 1st national W/S in Khartoum Hilton.

  • August, 1998 the 1st awareness survey in Kassala.

  • February 1999 Kassala national training for NRG.

  • 1999 Kassala pilot project started.

  • End of 1999 Kassala socio-economic survey (level-1) completed.

  • February 2000 SCBL first strategic Intial W/S (Medani-Elgazira).

  • 2000 Kassala orthopedic and prosthetic services study completed.

  • May, 2000 maraca Oxfam awareness initiated.

  • 2001 the significant milestones in the campaign movement are moving across the lines of conflict and contracting international partnership.

  • August 2001 under the coordination of Landmine Action U.K. and supported by prince Diana Memorial Fund, SCBL got engaged with the civil society actors in Rebel-held areas in facilitator meeting investigated the potential of sharing experiences examining future cooperative Initiations and exploring areas where mine action could contribute to peace building in Sudan.

  • July 2001 SCBL has signed a project for mine awareness among the internally displaced population (IDPs) in greater Khartoum state with the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • November 2001, SCBL signed a contract with the European community for implementation of a “Sudan Landmines Information and Response Initiatives”. This is an information gathering project implemented by the civil society across the lines of conflict.

  • 2002 with the signing of the Nuba Mountain cease fire Agreement, SCBL has been invited to realize the implementation of the landmine articles in the Agreement.

  • In close cooperation with the campaign in the rebel held areas and through the facilitation of the Landmine Action U.K. A consolidated joint report has been produced.

  • May 2002, save (US) with SCBL conducted a training W/S for information gathering to 80 local capacities.

  • July 2003, a tripartite (UN, GoS & SCBL) mine action center has been established in Sudan (National Mine Action Office (NMAO).

  • July 2002 a national mine awareness workshop was held in Khartoum organized by SCBL and supported by UNMAS.

  • September 2002 a cross line tripartite (DCA, OSIL and JASMAR) MOU was signed in Geneva for a cross line training and mine action activities.

  • January 2003 the second SCBL strategic planning workshop took place.

  • April 2003 a joint ceremonial graduation of deminers from both sides took place in Nuba Mountain.

  • April 2004 the general assembly of SCBL took place and a new coordinator for SCBL was elected and (4) coordinators for the seems were nominated.

  • May 2004 an agreement was signed between SCBL and the Southern civil societies opening the door for cooperation between the North/South civil societies.

  • In 2004 the Number of NGO members in SCBL increased significantly and their activities cover most of the affected states and all Mine Action Program.


Full treaties/conventions' texts

Mine Ban Treaty

Cluster Munitions Convention

Rights of PWDs

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