JASMAR projects _ HIV/AIDS


Partnership between JASMAR and UNICEF for the eighth year on MRE program:

The partnership continued with UNICEF for the eighth year .... <details>

Risk Education to IDPs, Returnees and Population at Risk Project in partnership with UNAMID, Darfur

JASMAR & UNAMID continues their cooperation to contribute in a safe and peaceful environment in Darfur States .... <details>

Partnership between JASMAR and CHF on MRE project:

The partnership continued with CHF for the the second year in Blue Nile state .... <details>

Partnership between JASMAR and MAG on Mine Risk Education MRE/Community Liaison CL:

In partnership with MAG, this project has been implemented during the period July 2011 - June 2012 .... <details>

Mine Risk Education to IDPs, Returnees and Local Population at Risk, July 2011 to June 2012:

The partnership continued for the seventh year with UNICEF in MRE program .... <details>

Partnership between JASMAR and UNAMID on RE project in Darfur

JASMAR/UNAMID engaged in partnership in Darfur to safe the lives of the innocent people from the Explosive Remnant of WAR ERW .... <details>

Mine Risk Education to IDPs, Returnees and Local Population at Risk, July 2010 to June 2011

JAMSAR/UNICEF partnership continued for the sixth year in MRE program .... <details>

JASMAR/The Development Initiative TDI partnership on MRE in Blue Nile state:

This partnership has been launched in January 2011 in Blue Nile state through one MRE team supported by TDI <details>

JASMAR/Exlog partnership on Risk Education RE in Darfur:

This partnership has been initiated with Exploration Logistics (Exlog) to reach the vulnerable communities in Darfur with Risk Education messages ... <details>

Partnership between JASMAR and UNMAS on Mine Risk Education MRE

This project has implemented in 3 states (South Kordofan, Kassala and Blue Nile) .... <details>

Integration of HIV/AIDS into Mine Risk Education MRE activities, South Kordofan state

This project has been founded through an initiative by JASMAR and its partners in South Kordofan (DCA and OSIL) ... <details>

Partnership between JASMAR and United Mine Action Office UNMAO

Through fund from UNMAO the following project has been successfully implemented by JASMAR .... <details>

JASMAR/Practical Action project on MRE, Blue Nile

This project is funded by Practical Action and aim to deliver MRE messages to the vulnerable communities in 10 villages in Blue Nile State .... <details>

MRE in Khartoum, Eldaeen and Hameshkoreib, in partnership with UNICEF:

This project has been implemented through fund from UNICEF  and for six months, September 2005 - Feb. 200 ... <details>






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