JASMAR projects _ HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS project in 6 states (Blue Nile, Sinnar, Gezira, White Nile, North Kordofan and South Kordofan), in partnership with UNFPA, Oct. 2012 - May 2013

In this project JASMAR Human Security Organization acting as Umbrella NGO for HIV Round 10 activities in six states  .... <details>

HIV/AIDS project in 4 states (Sinnar, Gezira, White Nile and North Kordofan), in partnership with UNFPA, Oct. 2011 - July 2012

JASMAR Human Security Organization was selected by UNFPA to act as Umbrella NGO in four states .... <details>

HIV/AIDS project in Kordofan University, Dec 2011 - Jul. 2012:

This project has been implemented in Kordofan University through fund from UNFPA. The project aimed to sensitiz and train university students on Voluntary Counseling and Testing VCT .... <details>

Livelihood Support and Skills Development Project for Families affected/ infected by HIV/AIDS, Kassala State, September - November 2012

JASMAR has received fund from GOAL International to implement the project of Livelihood Support and Skills Development for Families affected/ infected by HIV/AIDS in Kassala state). .... <details>

HIV/AIDS Project, Kassala Locality, October 2011 - April 2012

The project is funded by UNFPA. JASMAR implemented this project as NGO working through ACORD umbrella in East Sudan. The project has been carried out in close coordination with Kassala State Aids Program. .... <details>

IGAD Regional HIV/AIDS Partnership Program (IRAPP), Sep 2011 Jun 2012

This project has been implemented through support from Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD). The project implemented in Hamdaiet area ... <details>

JASMAR/UNFPA partnership on HIV/AIDS, Kassala

Through fund from UNFPA/JASMAR was implemented HIV/AIDS awareness raising/protection project in Kassala state, Oct. Dec. 2010 .... <details>

Increasing awareness & knowledge of RH & HIV prevention, Kassala state

JASMAR/UNFPA have engaged in a partnership to carry out this project during the period (Oct. 2009 - Apr. 2010). .... <details>

Integration of HIV/AIDS into Mine Risk Education MRE activities, South Kordofan state

This project has been founded through an initiative by JASMAR and its partners in South Kordofan (DCA and OSIL). ... <details>

HIV/AIDS awareness raising and prevention, Kassala

JASMAR/UNICEF developed a new partnership on combating HIV/AIDS through awareness raising project in Kassala (Wad Elhelaiow, Maghareef and Hamdaiet) areas in Wad Elhelaiow locality . ... <details>

JASMAR/UNDP short-term awareness/prevention project, Kassala, Nov. - Dec. 2008

JAMSAR and UNDP formed a new partnership on combating HIV/AIDS in Kassala.  The project is oriented for HIV/AIDS awareness raising and prevention in Allafa and Algira areas ... <details>

Community-based Care and Support to PLWHA

During the period April 2003 - March 2004 JASMAR implemented this project through fund from the Netherlands Embassy in Khartoum ... <details>






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