JASMAR News _ De-mining operations

Land Releases & Mine Clearance in Kassala state in partnership with UNMAS, March - August 2013:

The project main objective is to reduce the threat of landmines and ERW in the Eastern States in general and Kassala State in particular .... <details>

Quality Assurance training, Kassala, 9th – 17th Dec. 2009 & 3rd – 15th Feb. 2010

UNMAO has conducted this training for JASMAR and NMAC operations staff .... <details>

Operations Quality Management training course, 18th – 23rd Jan. 2010, Nairobi

This course has been held in Humanitarian Peace Support School in Nairobi through cooperation with Cranfield University ... <details>


Field training for Operations Officer, 2nd -23rd May, 2009, South Kordofan

As part of the capacity building for the national staff JASMAR and DCA partners conducted 3 weeks training  for JASMAR Operations Officer ... <details>


Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Level 3 training Course, Nairobi

This course held in IMATC (Nairobi) during 18th Aug. – 12th Sep. 2008, Mr. Alsadig Ebied – JASMAR Operations Officer – participated in this course ... <details>


Operations Officer field mission to Kassala, 8th – 13th March, 2009

Mr. Elsadig Ebeid – JASMAR Operations Officer – carried out this training trip in cooperation with MAG partner <details>


Kassala field trip, 23rd – 26th June, 2008:

This trip carried during the period 23rd – 26th June, 2008. The team formed jointly by JASMAR/MAG partners <details>


Meeting with NMAC Kassala Branch Director

This meeting held on 25th January 2008 at JASMAR premises ... <details>


Multi projects follow-up mission, Kassala, Sep. 2007

JASMAR sent a mission to Kassala and Hameshkoreib to follow- up the set up and implementation of de-mining, Mine Risk Education (MRE), Victim Assistance (VA) and Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) projects ... <details>.





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