Peace building and development 

JASMAR has a leadership role to consolidate Human Security in Sudan thought its interventions even before Comprehensive Peace Agreement CPA signing in January 2005.

We are concerned about Human Security issues, that are themselves adhered tightly to development and peace issues. 

As JASMAR is a pioneer NGO in the field of the Humanitarian Mine Action, hence JASMAR role is clearly reflected on the peace building and development process. That's observed through returning of agriculture, grazing and urban activities; that activities were unavailable widely product due to the contamination of the productive lands by landmines.

Through the demining activities - carried out by JASMAR and its partners - the affected population by the wars and its remnants could get access to the sources of the drinking water, so the Humanitarian Mine Action program paved the way out for the civil life. UNICEF, MAG, DCA and OSIL are the main partners in this program.

Regarding the Landmines Survivors JASMAR has implemented many projects aiming to reintegrate this category socio-economically.

One of the most important projects to sustain peace process is the DDR for the ex-combatants, JASMAR through fund from North Sudan DDR Commission initialized socio-economic reintegration project for 223 ex-combatants. The project comes within the framework of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

As HIV/AIDS is counted one of the sever challenges facing Human Security JASMAR efforts have been oriented to reduce the HIV/AIDS through awareness/prevention program. JASMAR, DCA and OSIL partners initiated the integration between MRE and HIV/AIDS awareness messages in South Kordofan (Kadugli). Furthermore JASMAR formed partnership with UNICEf, UNDP and UNFPA in Kassala on combating HIV/AIDS.


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Combating of the HIV/AIDS is an individual responsibility and a collective commitment

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