Regional and International participations:

MBT Standing Committees meetings, 25th – 29th May 2009, Geneva

This event attended by more than 500 participants representing (156) states, UN and civil society organizations. Sudan has been presented by officials and (4) NNGOs. JASMAR represented by Mr. Abu Osama Abdalla - JASMAR Executive Director - and Ms. Ishraga Mahjoub.

Conference outcomes:

  1. It was declared that no new member affiliated to MBT since the last meeting. Also some states’ parties violated their obligations under article 4 “stockpile destruction”.

  2. Some countries requested extension to implement article 5 “mine clearance”.

  1. Sudan delegation delivered three statements (MRE, stockpile and mine clearance).

  2. JASMAR/SCBL representative participated in the ICBL/CMC meetings. It is worthwhile to mention to the release of Cluster Munitions Monitor.

  3. IMRE Advisory meeting accompanied the event; it was recommended changing the accreditation from a mandatory condition to an optional. It is also recommended to change the mission from Mine Risk Education to Risk Education (MRE to RE).

During the conference JASMAR held a meeting with its partner MAG and discussed JASMAR initiative to establish joint committee for the transition plan. On the other hand a meeting held with IDA, it discussed the implementation of the Convention for the Right of People with Disabilities CRPD.



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