Regional and international participations:

Nansen conference on Climate Change CC and displacement, Oslo

During the period 5th – 7th June 2011 JASMAR represented by its General Manager Dr. Hussein Elobeid participated in the CC and displacement conference <details>

MBT Standing Committees Meetings, 21st – 25th Jun. 2010, Geneva:

These meetings have been held within participation of state parities, ICBL, UN, GICHD (organizers), ICRC and other interested foundations  ... <details>

Santiago international conference to ban Cluster Munitions, 7th – 9th June 2010:

This conference has been held in Santiago (Chile). The opening session addressed by ... <details>

General Manager mission to Copenhagen, 3rd – 4th May 2010

Dr. Hussein Elobeid – JASMAR GM – paid a mission to Copenhagen where he has participated in JASMAR/DCA/OSIL partnership meetings ... <details>

The regional conference of the implementation and universalization of the CCM, Pretoria, South Africa, 25th – 26th Mar. 2010:

This conference has been held within the participation of 100 participants who came from 35 African countries ... <details>

JASMAR General Manager visit to UK, 1st – 5th March 2010

Dr. Hussein Elobeid – JASMAR General Manager - carried out this mission to UK for two purposes .... <details>

Operations Quality Management training course, 18th – 23rd Jan. 2010, Nairobi

This course has been held in Humanitarian Peace Support School in Nairobi through cooperation with Cranfield University ... <details>

Humanitarian Programs Management & Accountability Training (HPMA), Bioforce Institute for Development, Lyon, France, 28th Oct. 22nd Dec. 2009

HPMA is high caliber course organized by Bioforce institute in France .... <details>

The 2nd review conference of the Mine Ban Treaty MBT, Cartagena (Colombia), 29th Nov. – 4th Dec. 2009

This conference has been within the participation of 122 countries and NGOs ... <details>

The 2nd meeting for states’ members in the Convention for the Rights of People With Disabilities CRPWDs

This meeting has been held in UN HQ in New York during the period 2nd – 4th Sep. 2009 <details>

MBT Standing Committees meetings, 25th – 29th May 2009, Geneva:

This event attended by more than 500 participants representing (156) states and UN civil society ....<details>

Middle Management Training, 2nd -20th February 2009, Nairobi

This course was held for Middle Managers of the Sudan Mine Action Programme (Sudanmap) ....<details>

MRE management course, 1st – 5th December 2008, Nairobi

This training course organized by International Mine Action Training Centre in Nairobi. (19) participants representing <details>

Oslo conference on signing cluster munitions banning convection

The conference held between 2nd and 4th December 2008 in Oslo, Norway..... <details>

The 3rd General Assembly for the Arab Disability Organization

This conference held in Arab League, Cairo - Egypt during the period 7th – 9th, October 2008. The conference attended by <details>

All Africa Cluster Munitions Conference, 29th – 30th Sep. 2008, Kampala, Uganda

This conference attended by (41) representatives for African countries and about (80) members representing the CMC <details>

EOD Level (3) Course, Nairobi

This course held in IMATC (Nairobi) during 18th Aug. – 12th Sep. 2008, Mr. Alsadig Ebied – JASMAR Operations Officer – participated in this course <details>

Participation in the 61st DPI/NGOs Conference, 3rd – 5th Sep. 2008, Paris

The annual conference for NGOs associated with United Nations Department of Public Information <details>

Diplomatic conference for adoption of a convention on Cluster Munitions, Dublin

This conference held during the period 19th – 30th May, 2008. About (800) participants were participated <details>

Africa Cluster Munitions Coalition Conference, Zambia

The conference held during the period March 31st - April 1st, 2008 in Livingstone (Zambia). The participants <details>

JASMAR/DCA partners meeting, Dublin, Ireland

This meeting held in 30th May, 2008. JASMAR represented by the Executive Director Mr. Abu Osama Abdallah <details>

 Dubai 6th Rehabilitation Conference, Dubai, UAE

This conference held in Dubai during the period 10th – 12th Mar. 2008 under the auspice of H.E. Shiekh Hamad Ben Rashid Al Maktoom <details>.

Strategic Planning Workshop on Transition, Nairobi:

The workshop held in IMATC, Nairobi from 25th to 28th Feb. 2008. (20) Participants were participated <details>

The 7th meeting for the states parties in Ottawa Mine ban treaty held in Geneva from 18th  to 22nd September 2006

The meeting is the second one after Zagrib Meeting from Nairobi summit. The meeting informed about what achieved from Nairobi action plan until now <details>





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