Regional and International participations:


The 7th meeting for the states parties in Ottawa Mine ban treaty held in Geneva from 18th  to 22nd September 2006:

The meeting is the second one after Zagrib Meeting from Nairobi summit. The meeting informed about what achieved from Nairobi action plan until now

about 500 persons participated in the meeting representing about 98 states parties and 25 states not parties. Other 271 person participated as observers representing UN agencies, NGOs, ICRC and  research & academic institutions.

Sudan participated by delegations of officials and NGOs representatives. Mr. Abu Osama Abdallah and Ms. Ishraga Mahgoub have participated representing JASMAR Organization.

The meeting discussed during its five days and through the different committees, the status of treaty universalization and implementation. Most of the participated countries submitted their latest reports in mine action. The observers like ICBL , ICRC ,UN agencies and other intervened  during the meetings about their views in the treaty progress. The main findings of the committees are:

Treaty general status and universilization, the number of states parties reached 151. So the states not parties are 44, three among them are signatories countries.  With regard to article 9 national legislation, 48 states indicated that they included the treaty obligation in their national constitutions. Other 25 states indicated that, the treaty obligations already existence in their national legislations. The rest (77 states) did not indicate if their national legislations are enough or need any other amendments. Sudan  among the last group.

MRE, Mine clearance and technology, many speeches delivered from the states parties and other observer's participants.  There are 45 countries have these kinds of project among the states parties.

Stockpile destruction, the number of states no longer had stockpile reached 138 states.

Items Assistance, the important point that some the donors countries restricted their mine action support by a condition that specific percentage should be allocated for VA. The issue of new treaty for the rights of persons with disabilities raised in the meeting. Sudan with Austria will co-chairs for the course of the coming year up to the eighth meeting in Jordan.

On behalf of Sudan, Mr. Awad Elbashir addressed Sudan statement  in the committee of general status and universilization . Gorgkuck Parak represented Sudan by interventions in MRE, Mine Clearance & Technology and stockpile destructions committees. Yousif  Mohamed Osman spoke on behalf of Sudan in the committee of VA. The main findings of Sudan speeches are Sudan commitment to the treaty obligations, the formulation of the Sudan Mine Action Authority last year, training of  number( about 150) of military personnel in Nairobi in humanitarian  mine clearance and Sudan commitment to destroy all its stockpile before the deadline.

ICBL organized and in regular basis morning meetings for the NGOs participant. The meeting briefed the present about the conclusion of the last day and the expected points for the same day. The activities reports of the members shared during the meetings.

Many side events organized during the conference time, one of them about the coming treaty for the rights of persons with disabilities. The president of the Ad Hoc committee briefed the meeting about the process of finalizing the draft. The expectation for approving the treaty  from the General Assembly before the end of this year. Other meeting devoted for Lebanon problem of cluster pumps created by Israeli army during in the last war between the two countries.



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