Regional and international participations:

The 2nd review conference of the Mine Ban Treaty MBT, Cartagena (Colombia), 29th Nov. – 4th Dec. 2009:

This conference has been within the participation of 122 countries and NGOs (Sudan is one of them).

The opening sessions has been addressed by the Colombian president, H.E. Suzan Eiki selected as a conference chairperson, her deputies and the conference board have been also selected.

The conference discussed many issues as the MBT implementation situation during 2004 – 2009 (since 1st review conference), victim assistance, generalization of MBT– the engaged countries now are 156 (80% of world

countries), international cooperation and assistance, mines clearance, stockpile destruction.

It is worth mentioning that some necessary countries are still out of the MBT as Russia, China, USA “despite of its first participation”, Egypt, India, Israel and Saudi Arabia).

The victim assistance pillar has found the most concentration. Regarding the mines clearance four countries (Argentina, Cambodia, Tajikistan and Uganda) have requested to extend its allowed period (10 years since MBT entry into force). On other hand, four other countries declared its completion of mines clearance (Albania, Rwanda, Zambia and Greece). Three countries couldn’t fulfill its commitment regarding stockpile destruction during the determined period (4 years after MBT entry into force), that countries are Turkey, Belorussia and Greece and Ocarina. 

It was agreed to hold the 10th meeting in Geneva, Nov. 2010 and the steering committees meeting also in Geneva, Jul. 2010.

Sudan has participated through a written comment presented by Dr. Ahmed Albadawi. Also Dr. Abdelbagi Aljaielani – Minister of the Humanitarian Affairs – delivered Sudan statement. Sudan delegation held series of meetings with, UNMAS, Canadian Switzerland, Kuwait delegations, ICBL and CMC.

Conference outcomes for follow-up:

  1. Cartagena 5 years plan. Furthermore, the Cartagena declaration has been adopted and each country should formulate its plan accordingly.

  2. Sudan main commitment toward MBT is the completion of mines clearance up to Apr. 2014.

  3. To prepare Victim Assistance 5 years plan.



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