Regional and International participations:


Strategic Planning Workshop on Transition, Nairobi:

The workshop held in IMATC, Nairobi from 25th to 28th Feb. 2008. (20) Participants were participated (“12” Sudanese, “10” from UN & “4” facilitators from Cranfield University). JASMAR was represented it General Manager Dr. Hussein Elobeid.

The workshop aimed to:

  1. Discuss the issues which will impact on Sudan transitioning to national ownership.

  2. Develop a transition framework.

Workshop outcomes:

  1. The workshop discussed the concepts of “end state”, “national ownership” & “transition” and reached to draw a stepped way out for National Ownership which was classified into seven elements each element has five levels.

  2. Sudan Mine Action Program (Sudanmap) will adopt this analytical approach to assist key stakeholders in their way towards full national ownership. The workshop also recognized the importance of defining transitional of ownership in terms of the pillars of MA.

  3. The workshop formulated a team for further defining of the ownership components and levels. The team will provide a full draft transition framework to the UNMAO, NMAC, SSDC and key stakeholders by 1st Apr. 2008, for comment by Apr. 30th  2008.

  4. The team will brief stakeholders on the approach being adopted in defining the transition of the Sudanmap to full national ownership. Based on UNMAO, NMAC, SSDC & other stakeholders, the team will prepare a revised draft transition framework by 15th May, 2008 as it will be discussed at a workshop in IMATC, Nairobi in late May, 2008.



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