Santiago international conference to ban Cluster Munitions, 7th – 9th June 2010:

This conference has been held in Santiago (Chile). The opening session addressed by the representatives of UN, CM survivors, IRC, CMC and some Chilean’s ministers. 98 states have participated including 13 non-state members in the agreement (Sudan among them).

120 CMC representatives were participated (Civil Society Organizations). GICHD and UN agencies were also at presence.

This conference came before the 1st state parties meeting which will be held in Nov. 2010 in Laos (the most affected state by the CM). During its sessions the conference has discussed the preparations for the 1st parties meeting.


Moreover, many reports were presented on the CCM situation and its track history.

A road map proposal has been developed for the 1st parties meeting. On the other hand, papers on national arrangements, administrative issues, fund and procedural issues presented by Laos, UNDP, CMC and Ireland.

Mr. Abu Osama Abdallah – JASMAR ED – has participated representing Sudan CBL and among the CMC delegation.



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