Regional and international participations:

Humanitarian Programs Management & Accountability Training (HPMA), Bioforce Institute for Development, Lyon, France, 28th Oct. 22nd Dec. 2009

HPMA is high caliber course organized by Bioforce institute in France. The course was co-funded by ECHO and Bioforce. 10 participants participated in training. The objective of the course is to enhance NGOs capacities in humanitarian programs management with an emphasis on quality initiatives and accountability through a specific high caliber training package for key national staff in charge of project/program management of humanitarian NGOs.

The training program contains Quality, accountability, project cycle management, disaster risk reduction, knowledge management and training of trainers. 11 eminent trainers facilitated the course by using different methods.

The outcomes of the course are represented in the following: paper on Improving Quality and Accountability in an organization (JASMAR), field

exploratory mission, reports on peer experience. Also presentations on accountability initiatives and ToT are some of the outcomes. Other outcomes are participation in Sphere common standards review, focus group session, plan of action, obtain training attendance and exam result certificates in addition to the course educational materials. Mr. Mohamed Eblushra JASMAR Admin has participated in this training.



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