Regional and international participations:

JASMAR General Manager visit to UK, 1st – 5th March 2010

Dr. Hussein Elobeid – JASMAR General Manager - carried out this mission to UK for two purposes that are to present a paper in the Darfur international health conference and to visit the HQ of JASMAR international partner (MAG).

Dr. Hussein presented a paper on the health impact of ERWs on Darfurian civil population.

The paper mentioned to the casualties caused by the ERWs among the civilians, causalities’ gender ratio etc. The paper also suggested

some recommendations to uplift the health situation in Darfur particularly in term of the reduction of the ERWs risk. On the other hand, a visit was paid to MAG HQ in Manchester where a reception and series of meetings held with the partner. A presentation also has been delivered by JASMAR General Manager on ERWs in Darfur.

 Furthermore, the future cooperation has been discussed particularly on ERWs in Darfur and DDR as well as the peace building process in the region (Darfur).



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