Regional and International participations:


Dubai 6th Rehabilitation Conference, Dubai, UAE:

This conference held in Dubai during the period 10th – 12th Mar. 2008 under the auspice of H.E. Shiekh Hamad Ben Rashid Al Maktoom. The conference logo was “Integration and Partnership Widest Horizons”. JASMAR was represented by the Executive Director Mr. Abu Osama Abdulla.

The conference main activities were:

  • Disabled people rights in the society (in employment, educationally, culturally, psychologically and sportingly) which was chose as a logo for the conference.

  • Empower people with disability as the conference presented (3) succeeded experiences from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon & USA.

  • The role of the alternate medicine in rehabilitation and physiological support.

  • Treatment through technology where the discussion on the modern researches took place.

  • Employment of the people with disability in which the conference presented Saudi and Emirates experiences.

  • Education and integration of the people with disability where the conference focused on mental & hearing disabilities.

  • Sport rehabilitation.

  • Integration and education difficulties.

Number of companies and specialized centers on the alternative and supportive tools for the people with disability participated from more the (14) countries.

The conference concluded with recommendations mainly, the call for the countries to ratify the international convention on the rights of people with disability and the necessity to react positively to their needs.



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