Regional and International participations:


Diplomatic conference for adoption of a convention on Cluster Munitions, Dublin:

This conference held during the period 19th – 30th May, 2008. About (800) participants were participated. They represented governments and the International civil society. The opening session addressed by H.E. Ireland Foreign Affairs Minister and H.E. the UN General Secretary through a televised word.  The main out comes of the treaty are, the prohibiting the use, transfer, and production of cluster munitions. It asked the state parties to destroy its stockpile within 8 years, and to clear the contaminated areas with (10) years. Also the treaty stated clearly an article for Victim Assistance. On the other hand, it dedicated a separate article to the relation between state parties and that are not.


The treaty approved by the all participants, it will be presented for signing in Oslo, Dec. 2008.

During the conference CMC organized on regular basis, morning briefing and evening debriefing for all campaigners for follow up, coordination and information sharing.

Mr. Abu Osama Abdalla from JASMAR participated representing SCBL. Sudan government delegation stated Sudan support to the treaty.



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