Regional and International participations:


Africa Cluster Munitions Coalition Conference, Zambia

The conference held during the period March 31st - April 1st, 2008 in Livingstone (Zambia). The participants from (39) African countries, (6) European counties, USA, UNDP and ICRC were participated in addition to NGOs and mine survivorsí representatives. Mr. Abu Osama Abdalla from JASMAR participated, representing Sudanese Campaign to Ban Landmines.

Conference outcomes:

1.   Participants were enlightened on the global efforts to ban Cluster Munitions as well as Oslo process that started in Feb. 2007. Also the conference pointed out to the next meeting in Dublin (Ireland) in May, 2008 for the Treaty

final text. The statesí signatures door will be opened in Oslo, Dec. 2008.

2.   A presentation on African States affected by the Cluster Munitions was shown.

3.  The conference discussed the convention drafted text particularly the controversial topics such as the Cluster Munitions definition, including transitional period before inter into force and the dealing with the states outside the convention.

4.  The Treaty drafted text included an article on Victim Assistance which was not a part in Mine Banning Treaty MBT.

5. The conference concluded by Livingstone

Declaration. It assures African support to the coming-up Treaty. The declaration endorsed by all the present except Egypt.

6.   Sudan stated that it is neither a user nor stockpile owner and supports the process of Cluster Munitions banning.

7. Three days workshop was organized by Cluster Munitions Collision CMC for its members to address the same issues and the role of the campaigners.



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