Regional and international participations:

The regional conference of the implementation and universalization of the CCM, Pretoria, South Africa, 25th – 26th Mar. 2010:

The conference has been held within the participation of 100 participants who came from 35 African countries, UN representatives, CM survivors, IRC, CMC, South Africa foreign ministry, the deputy of the Norwegian foreign minister and representatives from Ireland and Norway.

Sudan has participated by 2 representatives from minister of defence and foreign affairs. Mr. Abu Osama Abdalla – JASMAR ED – participated representing Sudan CBL and among the CMC delegation.

This conference is its 3rd from its kind in Africa and held after the ratification of the required number of states to get into force (30 states).

The conference aimed to re-orient about the agreement and urge the states to sign and ratify on. It is also aimed to explore the coming up implementation stage. The conference has discussed many issues as:

  • Orientation about the agreement itself through working papers.

  • Explore the African states situations towards the agreement signing and ratification.

  • Implementation of the agreement and the international assistance and cooperation.

The CMC presented its remarks throughout the conference sessions, Mr. Abu Osama presented one of these remarks.

It is worthwhile to mention to the first coming up states’ members conference in Louse (the most affected country by the CM) which will be held by the end of year 2010. On the other hand, the agreement will enter into force by August 1st, 2010.



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