Regional and International participations:


All Africa Cluster Munitions Conference, 29th – 30th Sep. 2008, Kampala, Uganda

This conference attended by (41) representatives for African countries and about (80) members representing the CMC from (28) African countries and worldwide including mine survivors, UNDP and ICRC.

The Main Outcomes:

  1. The conference discussed the Oslo process and the convention on Cluster Munitions. It is also discussed the prohibited actions in the treaty.

  2. The conference showed the convention commitments and obligations in matters of victim’s assistance, clearance & risk education and stockpile destruction.

  1. All African states appealed to be present in Oslo for the treaty signature and to start the ratification process.

  2. About (29) African countries announced publicly that they will sign the treaty in Oslo in December 2008.

  3. Separate session organized for parliaments’ members. It focused on their role for pushing the treaty forward especially the ratification process.

  4. One day workshop before the conference organized by CMC for its participants. It divided the responsibilities for lobbing during the conference.

Mr. Abu Osama Abdalla – JASMAR Executive Director – participated representing SCBL.



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