Regional and International participations:

The 2nd meeting for states’ members in the Convention for the Rights of People With Disabilities CRPWDs:

This meeting has been held in UN HQ in New York during the period 2nd – 4th Sep. 2009 under the motto “the legislative procedures for the convention implementation”. Some speeches delivered by the conference chairperson, Deputy of UN General Secretary, the chairperson of monitoring committee and civil society organizations representative. Then the states members delivered their speeches, Sudan diplomatic delegation in New York delivered Sudan speech.

The meeting discussed many working papers that included:

  • Facilitation of PWDs access to the public services, information and communication.

  • Equality and the law, facilitation access to justice and assistance in decision making.

  • The impact of the global economic crisis – the poverty and convention implementation.

  • Enlightenment by the UN CPWDs related agencies on the implementation situation.

It was agreed to hold the 3rd meeting on the 1st week of sep. 2010, 6 members will be elected for UN monitoring committee (instead of those who have completed their term). In addition to that, other 6 members will be elected for the same committee after increasing the members from 12 to 18, that would be applied after the states members reach 80 members.

The meeting accompanied with some side events as enlightenment on the convention, identifying of the legislations, legislative procedures to transmit from guardianship mode to assistance mode in decision making, reading of article 12 in CRPWDs, respond to children and youth needs in CRPWDs implementation, realizing the MDGs, support the agenda of PWDs in development and global design of buildings for accessibility.

Mr. Abo Osama Abdalla – JASMAR Executive Director – represented JASMAR in this event.



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