Socio-economic re-integration projects for ex-combatants (DDR)


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1. Socio-Economic Reintegration Project (DDR), Kassala State

2. Socio-Economic Reintegration Project (DDR), Red Sea State

3. Socio-Economic Reintegration Project (DDR), Blue Nile State

4. Socio-Economic Reintegration Project (DDR), Khartoum State

Socio-economic reintegration project (DDR) for ex-combatants, Kassala State

On the 15th April 2010 JASMAR and UNDP signed a contract to reintegrate 524 ex-combatants in Kassala State. This project is part of the Sudan DDR program. The project duration is six months (Apr. – Oct. 2010). Its main components are training on small business management, self employment income kits, follow-up and technical assistance.

Immediately after the contract has been signed JASMAR has recruited and trained 12 staff members to run the project.

JASMAR/UNDP: socio-economic reintegration project (DDR) for ex-combatants, Red Sea state

On the 2nd Mar. 2010 JASMAR and UNDP signed a contract to reintegrate 582 ex-combatants in Red Sea state. This project is part of the DDR program in Sudan. The project duration is six months (Mar. – Sep. 2010) and its main components are:

  1. Training on small business management.

  2. Income kits for self employment.

  3. Follow-up and technical assistance for the beneficiaries’ projects.

Immediately after the contract has been signed, JASMAR has started the preliminary preparations for the project kick off such as orientation for the local related authorities, staff recruitment etc.

JASMAR/UNDP socio-economic reintegration project (DDR) in Blue Nile state:

JASMAR is implementing this project through fund by UNDP. The project targets 190 ex-combatants in Blue Nile state. JASMAR will train the ex-combatants on how to manage a small business then every beneficiary will be provided with an income generation project (a capital of SDG 2500). The beneficiaries would be followed tightly throughout the project duration (six months) that is to realize the project expected impact. It is worth mentioning that, this is the 2nd project of its kind carried out by JASMAR after the 1st one in Khartoum state for 213 ex-combatants.

1. Socio-Economic Reintegration Project for Ex-soldiers/Combatants with Disability in Omdurman Localities

JASMAR has implemented this project under cooperation agreement with Disarmament, Demobilization and Re-integration (DDR) Commission in North Sudan. The project aimed to sustain and uplift the livelihood of the target group (ex-combatants/soldiers) as their situations analyzed to provide them with the necessary training, production facilities and assist them to establish and run their own productive micro projects. The project targeted (250) ex-soldiers/Combatants with Disability in Omdurman Locality. The duration of the project was six months (Apr. – Oct. 2008). It included gathering the target group’s data through a form that proves their right to benefit from the project. Furthermore, the documentation approach is adopted through the project duration.

The follow-up and evaluation process carried out by JASMAR and experts from UNDDR reflected that the beneficiaries reintegration process has been enhanced.


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